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Where P-MIG has been involved.


P-MIG has been featured at the following conferences:

  • Experimental Biology (EB)

    • 2015

      • JR Halliwill, "What's Your Major? The Rise of the Undergraduate Physiology Degree."

      • EJ Henriksen, "Undergraduate Degrees in Physiology - Is This a Rebirth of the Field or Something Different?"

      • DJ McCann, "Physiology Curriculum - What Should Be in at the Undergraduate Level, and What Should Be Out?"

      • S Dawson, "What Methods are Used to Teach Large and Small Physiology Courses."

      • EA​ Wehrwein, "The Physiology Curriculum - What should be in at the undergraduate level and what should be out?"

      • JR Halliwell, "Where Do We Go From Here?"

      • EA Wehrwein, "Physiology career advising - What will all those physiology graduates do?"

    • 2016

      • Physiology Majors Group Networking Session​​

    • 2017
      • Physiology Majors Group Networking Session​​
    • 2018

      • Join us ​for the EB 2018 Physiology Majors Group Networking Session​​, Monday 3:30-5:30 in the Marriott, April 23 (contact Erica Wehrwein at for more details)

  • Association of Chairs of Departments of Physiology (ACDP)

    • 2015

      • EA Wehrwein, Undergraduate physiology curriculum workshop

      • EA Wehrwein, Learning objectives for certification of undergraduate physiology programs workshop​

    • 2016​

      • EA Wehrwein, Workshop Leader, Creating National Curriculum Guidelines for Undergraduate Physiology Education, Two-day workshop​

      • Erica Wehrwein, Workshop Co-organizer, Establishing Core Concepts for Undergraduate Physiology Education, Two-day workshop


  • APS Institute for Teaching and Learning (APS ITL)

    • 2016

      • EA Wehrwein, Workshop Leader, Physiology Undergraduate Education and Assessment workshop​

  • Human Anatomy and Physiology Scoiety (HAPS)

    • 2017

      • EA Wehrwein, "What's in an physiology undergraduate degree?: Setting national curricular standards"

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