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What we have written.


The following papers have been written by the leadership and/or members of

P-MIG in relation to the needs, goals and ideas for physiology education

and how P-MIG can be most impactful:

  • Valerie VanRyn, Jennifer Rogers, Jeffrey Osborn, Claudia Stanescu, and Erica Wehrwein Report from the Inaugural Physiology Majors Interest Group Meeting, The Physiologist, Vol 60, No 6, Nov 2017



  • VanRyn V, Poteracki JM, and Wehrwein EA.  Physiology Undergraduate Degree Requirements in the U.S., Adv Physiol Educ, Vol 41, No 4, Dec 2017



  • Silverthorn D, Carroll R, and Wehrwein EA.  Undergraduate and Medical School Physiology Education in the United States. Physiology (Bethesda). 2017



  • Wehrwein EA. Physiology is Alive and Well.  Just ask an undergraduate student.  The Physiologist, Vol 59, No 6, Nov 2016

  • Wehrwein EA. Setting National Guidelines for Physiology Undergraduate Degree Programs. Adv in Physiol Educ, Vol 42, No 1, Mar 2018

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